Tuolumne Peak, Yosemite
10845 ft / 3306 m

(September 13, 2012)

View east-northeast from the summit of Tuolumne Peak:
Mt. Conness, Mt. Warren, White Mountain, Mt. Dana, Mt. Gibbs and McGee Lake from Tuolumne Peak

View due east from the summit of Tuolumne Peak:
Mt. Dana, Mt. Gibbs, Fairview Dome, Cathedral Peak from Tuolumne Peak

View back towards May Lake. We followed an unmarked/abandoned but still very good old trail
from May Lake to the saddle at (A), then did cross-country in a straight line to the summit:
Clouds Rest, Mt. Starr King, Half Dome, Mt. Hoffmann, May Lake from Tuolumne Peak

The abandoned trail is indicated by red dashed lines on the map below.
It is not shown on any official map of Yosemite. The trail starts
near an old-style Yosemite mileage marker on the main trail. The old trail continues
north beyond the saddle (A) and eventually reconnects with the main
pack trail in the valley below. Red dots indicate our cross country route to the summit:
Map shows the abandoned trail from May Lake to a saddle below Tuolumne Peak

Beautiful late summer day atop the peak:
A group of hikers at the north summit of Tuolumne Peak

The summit of Mount Hoffmann in the background, 2.4 miles to the southwest:
Hikers at the summit of Tuolumne Peak, Half Dome and Mt. Hoffmann in the background