Electra Peak — August 16, 2010
(12442 ft / 3792 m)

I started at 8 a.m., from a base camp on the North Fork of the San Joaquin River, close to Bench Canyon, and followed the river upstream to just below Twin Island Lakes. My route from the lakes to Electra's south-east slope, then to its summit, is marked by red dots. I left the upper (south) lake at 12:30, and reached the top three hours later. A register box was placed at the summit in memory of Mark Hoffman (1960-1988), by the "Sierra Register Committee". However, the box was empty, no doubt because of its bad design: when the box gets opened, even a slightest wind could blow away its content, because the bolted bottom of the box, which is supposed to cradle the register and notes, is flat and has no raised edges.

On the way down (blue dots), I followed an unnamed stream that eventually plunges to the San Joaquin River canyon very close to where my base camp was. The entire loop, with several little side trips to explore the area, took eleven hours. No doubt, it could be done faster by those who cannot put up with such a leisurely pace.

Electra Peak from Mount Ritter. A route from Twin Island Lakes to Electra's summit is indicated.

   (Photo of Electra Peak from the top of Mount Ritter, taken by Denny during our Ritter trip in September 2009).