HighWire Mobile

Comprehensive mobile strategies to extend your content's reach

Mobile devices are fast gaining popularity as the tool of choice for the discovery and reading of scholarly information. HighWire's Open Platform supports this trend by delivering publisher's content to readers anytime, anywhere. We devise solutions to allow on-the-go readers to search, share, and read articles and issues from current, past, and ahead-of-print publications.

HighWire mobile solutions support publishers:

  • Maintain consistent branding across websites and apps
  • Support single- or multi-journal apps
  • Offer member services, such as mobile CME
  • Use detailed analytics to make business decisions
  • Generate advertising revenue

HighWire-hosted full text apps and mobile websites are built using the latest standards. As new features become available and/or publisher needs evolve, they are designed to be upgradable.

Full Text Apps
HighWire's Full Text Apps are feature-rich and provide a superior mobile experience for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, Android® phones and Android tablets. Native iOS and Android apps reflect HighWire's full capabilities including consistent branding, increased access to content, easy navigation, greater search options, and improved sharing options all while immersing the reader in an interactive experience.

Focusing on the user experience, HighWire's Full Text App puts your content at your readers' fingertips. Promoting accessibility and interactivity, our app allows readers to

  • Interact directly with content
  • Navigate quickly to article components
  • Overlay charts, tables, and figures without leaving the article
  • Easily browse abstracts, Full Text articles, and PDFs
  • Watch videos and listen to podcasts
  • View content online or offline
  • Easily share content via email

Mobile Web
Mobile websites provide a streamlined web-browsing experience optimal for small screens. When a mobile reader arrives at your site, Mobile Web detects the reader's device and directs them to a mobile optimized user experience. The reader receives a less complex and more accessible version of your website.

HighWire's Mobile Web is device-agnostic and can be accessed using iOS, Android®, Blackberry®, Windows Mobile, web enabled e-readers, and more.