as of 7/6/2015:
Upcoming journals
(List limited to journals published online with the assistance of HighWire Press)
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  Communication and the Public  1 Mar 2016   info   notify+spctp{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Environment and Planning A  30 Jul 2015   info   notify+spepn{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design  30 Jul 2015   info   notify+spepb{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy  30 Jul 2015   info   notify+spepc{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Environment and Planning D: Society and Space  30 Jul 2015   info   notify+spepd{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Environmental Epigenetics  7 Jul 2015   info   notify+eep{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Evolutionary Psychology  23 Jul 2015   info   notify+spevp{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  HAND  1 Feb 2016   info   notify+sphan{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  HLB: The Huntington Library Bulletin  1 Jun 2015   info   notify+ucphlb{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Huntington Library Quarterly  1 Jun 2015   info   notify+ucphlq{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  i-Perception  30 Jul 2015   info   notify+spipe{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  International Ecostations  25 Oct 2011   info   notify+intereco{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  International Journal of Health Services  4 Feb 2015   info   notify+sojoh{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  International Journal of Stroke  8 Dec 2015   info   notify+spwso{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Jadavpur Journal of International Relations  15 Apr 2014   info   notify+jnr{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Journal of Applied Fire Science  18 Feb 2015   info   notify+spafi{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Journal of Christian Education: The Australian Christian Forum on Education  14 Jan 2015   info   notify+spjnlce{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Journal of Connectivity  3 Nov 2015   info   notify+spjco{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Journal of Global Security Studies  6 Jan 2016   info   notify+jogss{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Journal of Historical Research in Music Education  22 Sep 2015   info   notify+spjhr{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Journal of Integrable Systems  19 Aug 2015   info   notify+integrablesys{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Journal of International Life Sciences Research  13 Aug 2015   info   notify+splsr{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Journal of Reproductive Biotechnology and Fertility  4 Aug 2015   info   notify+sprbf{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Management Teaching Review  1 Feb 2016   info   notify+spmtr{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Molecular Case Studies  5 Mar 2015   info   notify+cshmcs{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Perception  30 Jul 2015   info   notify+sppec{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare  7 Jul 2015   info   notify+sppsh{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  SAGE Open Engineering  2 Jun 2015   info   notify+spseo{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  SAGE Open Nursing  4 Aug 2015   info   notify+spson{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World  4 Aug 2015   info   notify+spsrd{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  The American Economist  1 Feb 2016   info   notify+spaex{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
  Translational Research in Oral Oncology  1 Oct 2015   info   notify+sptoo{at}highwire.stanford.edu 
* dates are subject to change.