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 19th-Century Music  info 
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 3-D Seismic Interpretation: A Primer for Geologists  
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 A Current Bibliography on African Affairs  
 AACN Advanced Critical Care  
 AADE in Practice  
 AAP Grand Rounds  info 
 AAP News  info 
 AAP Online CME  
 AAP Online Journals  
 AAPG Bulletin  info 
 Abstracts in Anthropology  
 Abstracts of the International Stroke Conference  
 Academic Pathology    free SITE 
 Academy of Management Discoveries    free TRIAL 
 Academy of Management Journal  
 Academy of Management Learning & Education  
 Academy of Management Perspectives  
 Academy of Management Proceedings  info 
 Academy of Management Review  
 Accounting History  
 ACRL Publications  
 Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica    free ISSUES 
 Acta Radiologica  
 Acta Radiologica Open    free SITE 
 Acta Sociologica  
 Action Research  
 Active Learning in Higher Education  
 Acupuncture in Medicine  info   free ISSUES 
 Adaptation  info 
 Adaptive Behavior  
 Administration & Society  
 Administrative Science Quarterly  
 Adoption & Fostering  
 Adsorption Science & Technology  
 Adult Education Quarterly  
 Adult Learning  
 Advanced Reservoir Characterization for the 21st Century: 19th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 Advances in Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy: Application to Reservoirs, Outcrops and Models  
 Advances in Dental Research  
 Advances in Developing Human Resources  
 Advances in Mechanical Engineering    free SITE 
 Advances in Nutrition: An International Review Journal  info   free ISSUES 
 Advances in Physiology Education  info   free SITE 
 Advances in Structural Engineering  
 AERA Open  info   free SITE 
 Aesthetic Surgery Journal  info 
 African Affairs  info 
 Age and Ageing  info   free ISSUES 
 Agrarian South: Journal of Political Economy  
 AHA Journals CME  
 AIBS Bulletin  info 
 Alcohol and Alcoholism  info   free ISSUES 
 Alexandria: The Journal of National and International Library and Information Issues  info 
 AlphaMed Press Online Journals  
 Alternatives: Global, Local, Political  
 American Academy of Pediatrics News Magazine  
 American Association for Cancer Research Journals  
 American Association of Critical Care Nurses Journals  
 American Association of Petroleum Geologists  
 American Behavioral Scientist  
 American Diabetes Association Journals  
 American Educational Research Journal  
 American Entomologist  info   free ISSUES 
 American Heart Association Journals    free ISSUES 
 The American Historical Review  info 
 American Journal of Agricultural Economics  
 American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias  
 American Journal of Botany  info   free ISSUES 
 The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition  info   free ISSUES 
 American Journal of Clinical Pathology  info   free TRIAL 
 American Journal of Critical Care  info   free ISSUES 
 American Journal of Enology and Viticulture  info 
 American Journal of Epidemiology  info   free ISSUES 
 American Journal of Evaluation  
 American Journal of Health Promotion    free TRIAL 
 American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy  info 
 American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine  
 American Journal of Hypertension  info 
 The American Journal of Jurisprudence  info 
 American Journal of Law & Medicine  
 American Journal of Legal History  info 
 American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine  
 American Journal of Medical Quality  
 American Journal of Men's Health  
 American Journal of Neuroradiology  info   free ISSUES 
 American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology  info   free ISSUES 
 American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism  info   free ISSUES 
 American Journal of Physiology - Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology  info   free ISSUES 
 American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology  info   free ISSUES 
 American Journal of Physiology - Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology  info   free ISSUES 
 American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology  info   free ISSUES 
 American Journal of Physiology - Renal Physiology  info   free ISSUES 
 American Journal of Physiology -- Legacy Content  info 
 American Journal of Science  info 
 The American Journal of Sports Medicine  
 The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene  info   free ISSUES 
 American Law and Economics Review  info 
 American Literary History  info 
 American Literary Scholarship  info 
 American Literature  info 
 American Mineralogist  info 
 American Orthoptic Journal  info 
 American Politics Research  
 The American Review of Public Administration  
 American Society for Microbiology Journals  
 American Society of Hematology Self-Assessment Program  
 American Sociological Review  
 American Speech  info 
 American Zoologist  info 
 Annals of Botany  info   free ISSUES 
 Annals of Clinical & Laboratory Science  info   free ISSUES 
 Annals of Clinical Biochemistry: An international journal of biochemistry and laboratory medicine    free ISSUES 
 The Annals of Family Medicine  info   free SITE 
 Annals of Occupational Hygiene  info   free ISSUES 
 Annals of Oncology  info   free ISSUES 
 Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology  
 Annals of Pharmacotherapy  
 The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science  
 Annals of the Entomological Society of America  info 
 Annals of the ICRP  
 Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases  info   free ISSUES 
 Answering the Challenges of Production from Deep-Water Reservoirs: Analogues and Case Histories to Aid a New Generation: 28th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 Anthropological Theory  
 Anticancer Research  info   free ISSUES 
 Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy  info   free ISSUES 
 Antiviral Chemistry and Chemotherapy    free ISSUES 
 AoB PLANTS    free SITE 
 Application of the Principles of Seismic Geomorphology to Continental-Slope and Base-of-Slope Systems: Case Studies from Seafloor and Near-Seafloor Analogues  
 Applications of Ichnology to Petroleum Exploration  
 Applications of Paleomagnetism to Sedimentary Geology  
 Applied and Environmental Microbiology  info   free ISSUES 
 Applied Biosafety    free ISSUES 
 Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy  
 Applied Ichnology  
 Applied Linguistics  info 
 Applied Mathematics Research eXpress  info   free ISSUES 
 Applied Psychological Measurement  
 Applied Sandstone Diagenesis--Practical Petrographic Solutions for a Variety of Common Exploration Development and Production Problems  
 Applied Spectroscopy  info 
 APS Journals Online  
 Aquifer Characterization  
 Arbitration International  info 
 Arbitration Law Reports and Review  
 Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology  
 Archives of Disease in Childhood  info   free ISSUES 
 Archives of Disease in Childhood - Education and Practice  info   free ISSUES 
 Archives of Disease in Childhood - Fetal and Neonatal Edition  info   free ISSUES 
 Arctic Anthropology  info 
 Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume  info 
 Armed Forces & Society  
 Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology  info   free ISSUES 
 Arthropod Management Tests  info   free SITE 
 Arts and Humanities in Higher Education  
 ARVO Meeting Abstracts    free SITE 
 ASCO Meeting Abstracts    free SITE 
 ASH Annual Meeting Abstracts    free SITE 
 Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources  
 Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health  
 Asia Pacific Media Educator  
 Asia-Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation  
 Asian and Pacific Migration Journal  
 Asian Cardiovascular and Thoracic Annals  
 Asian Journal of Comparative Politics  info 
 Asian Journal of Legal Education  
 Asian Journal of Management Cases  
 Asian Pacific Island Nursing Journal    free SITE 
 Asian Survey  info 
 ASN Neuro    free SITE 
 Aspects of Diagenesis  
 ASPET Journals Online  
 Assessment for Effective Intervention  
 Astronomy & Geophysics  info   free ISSUES 
 Attributes: New Views on Seismic Imaging -- Their Use in Exploration and Production: 31st Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 Australasian Psychiatry  
 Australian & New Zealand Journal of Criminology  
 Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry  
 Australian Journal of Career Development  
 Australian Journal of Education  
 Australian Journal of Management  
 Autism & Developmental Language Impairments  soon 
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 Background  info 
 Background on World Politics  info 
 JACC: Basic To Translational Science  info   free SITE 
 Basin-Wide Diagenetic Patterns: Integrated Petrologic, Geochemical, and Hydrologic Considerations  
 Beach and Nearshore Sedimentation  
 Behavior Modification  
 Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Reviews  
 Behavioral Ecology  info   free ISSUES 
 Biblical Theology Bulletin: Journal of Bible and Culture  
 Bibliography of Otoliths  
 Big Data & Society    free SITE 
 Biochemical Journal  info   free ISSUES 
 Biochemical Society Symposia  info   free ISSUES 
 Biochemical Society Transactions  info 
 Biogenic Structures: Their Use in Interpreting Depostional Environments  
 Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society  info   free ISSUES 
 Bioinformatics  info   free ISSUES 
 The Biological Bulletin  info   free ISSUES 
 Biological Research For Nursing  
 Biology Letters  info   free ISSUES 
 Biology Methods and Protocols  info 
 Biology of Reproduction  info   free ISSUES 
 Biology Open  info   free SITE 
 bioRxiv    free SITE 
 BioScience  info   free ISSUES 
 Bioscience Horizons  info   free SITE 
 Bioscience Reports  info   free ISSUES 
 BioScope: South Asian Screen Studies  
 Biostatistics  info   free ISSUES 
 BJA Education  info 
 BJPsych Advances  info   free ISSUES 
 BJPsych Bulletin  info   free SITE 
 Blood  info   free ISSUES 
 BMJ  info 
 BMJ Case Reports  info 
 BMJ Global Health  info   free SITE 
 BMJ Innovations  info   free SITE 
 BMJ Open  info   free SITE 
 BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care  info   free SITE 
 BMJ Open Respiratory Research  info   free SITE 
 BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine  info   free SITE 
 BMJ Quality & Safety  info   free ISSUES 
 BMJ Quality Improvement Reports  info   free SITE 
 BMJ Simulation & Technology Enhanced Learning  
 BMJ Specialist Journals  
 BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care  info 
 Body & Society  
 Bone & Joint 360  info 
 The Bone & Joint Journal  info   free ISSUES 
 Bone & Joint Research  info   free SITE 
 Boom: A Journal of California  info 
 boundary 2  info 
 Brain  info   free ISSUES 
 Breathe  info   free SITE 
 Briefings in Bioinformatics    free ISSUES 
 Briefings in Functional Genomics    free ISSUES 
 British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery Umbrella  
 The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science  info 
 The British Journal of Aesthetics  
 British Journal of Anaesthesia  info   free ISSUES 
 British Journal of Criminology  info 
 British Journal of General Practice  info   free ISSUES 
 British Journal of Music Therapy    free TRIAL 
 British Journal of Occupational Therapy  
 British Journal of Ophthalmology  info   free ISSUES 
 British Journal of Pain    free TRIAL 
 The British Journal of Psychiatry  info   free ISSUES 
 British Journal of Psychiatry Open  info   free SITE 
 British Journal of Social Work  info 
 British Journal of Sports Medicine  info   free ISSUES 
 British Journal of Visual Impairment  
 British Journalism Review  
 British Medical Bulletin  info   free ISSUES 
 British Veterinary Association  
 British Yearbook of International Law  
 Building Acoustics  info 
 Building Services Engineering Research and Technology  
 Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France  info 
 Bulletin of Sociological Methodology/Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique  
 Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology  info 
 Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society  
 Bulletin of the American Musicological Society  
 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists  
 Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America  info 
 Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society  
 Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America  (via GeoScienceWorld)  info 
 Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America  info 
 Business & Society  
 Business and Professional Communication Quarterly  
 Business Information Review  
 Business Perspectives and Research  
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 Cahiers Élisabéthains: A Journal of English Renaissance Studies  info 
 Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin  soon 
 California History  info 
 California Management Review  info 
 Cambridge Journal of Economics  info 
 Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society  
 The Cambridge Quarterly  info 
 Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture, and Media Studies  info 
 Canadian Family Physician  info   free SITE 
 Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences  info 
 Canadian Journal of Nursing Research  soon 
 Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy  
 Canadian Journal of School Psychology  
 Canadian Medical Association Journal  info 
 The Canadian Mineralogist  info 
 The Canadian Mineralogist  (via GeoScienceWorld)  info 
 Canadian Pharmacists Journal / Revue des Pharmaciens du Canada  
 Cancer Discovery  info   free ISSUES 
 Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention  info   free ISSUES 
 Cancer Genomics & Proteomics  info   free SITE 
 Cancer Immunity Archive  
 Cancer Immunology Research  info 
 Cancer Prevention Journals Portal  
 Cancer Prevention Journals Portal Content  
 Cancer Prevention Research  info   free ISSUES 
 Cancer Research  info   free ISSUES 
 Cancer Reviews Online  info 
 Capital & Class  
 Capital Markets Law Journal  info 
 Carbonate Buildups  
 Carbonate Cements  
 Carbonate Reservoir Rocks  
 Carbonate Sands  
 Carbonate Sedimentation and Diagenesis in the Evolving Precambrian World  
 Carbonate Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy  
 Carcinogenesis  info   free ISSUES 
 Cardiac Cath Lab Director  
 Cardiovascular and Thoracic Open    free SITE 
 Cardiovascular Research    free ISSUES 
 Career Development and Transition for Exceptional Individuals  
 The Carlyle Letters Online  info   free SITE 
 Catalyst: Discovery into Practice  info 
 CBE-Life Sciences Education  info   free SITE 
 Cell Signalling Biology  info   free ISSUES 
 Cerebral Cortex  info   free ISSUES 
 CESifo Economic Studies  
 Chemical Senses  info   free ISSUES 
 Child Language Teaching and Therapy  
 Child Maltreatment  
 Child Neurology Open    free SITE 
 Childhood Obesity and Nutrition    free TRIAL 
 Children & Schools  info 
 China Information  
 China Report  
 The Chinese Journal of Comparative Law  info   free TRIAL 
 Chinese Journal of International Law  
 The Chinese Journal of International Politics  
 Chinese Journal of Sociology  
 Chinese Sociological Dialogue  soon 
 Choice Reviews Online  info 
 Christian Bioethics  info 
 Christianity & Literature  
 Chronic Illness  
 Chronic Respiratory Disease  
 Chronic Stress  soon 
 CHYMIA: Chymia  
 Circulation  info   free ISSUES 
 Circulation Meeting Abstracts    free SITE 
 Circulation Research  info   free ISSUES 
 Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology  info   free ISSUES 
 Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics  info   free ISSUES 
 Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging  info   free ISSUES 
 Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions  info   free ISSUES 
 Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes  info   free ISSUES 
 Circulation: Heart Failure  info   free ISSUES 
 Citizenship, Social and Economics Education  
 Classical Antiquity  info 
 Classical Receptions Journal  
 Clay Minerals  info 
 Clay Minerals for Petroleum Geologists and Engineers  
 Clays and Clay Minerals  info 
 Climate Controls on Stratigraphy  
 Climate Model Applications in Paleoenvironmental Analysis  
 Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis  
 Clinical and Vaccine Immunology  info   free ISSUES 
 Clinical Cancer Research  info   free ISSUES 
 Clinical Case Studies  
 Clinical Chemistry  info   free ISSUES 
 Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry  
 Clinical Diabetes  info 
 Clinical EEG and Neuroscience  
 Clinical Ethics  
 Clinical Infectious Diseases    free ISSUES 
 Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology  info   free ISSUES 
 Clinical Kidney Journal    free SITE 
 Clinical Medicine  info   free TRIAL 
 Clinical Medicine & Research  info   free SITE 
 Clinical Microbiology Reviews  info   free ISSUES 
 Clinical Nursing Research  
 Clinical Pediatrics  
 Clinical Psychological Science  
 Clinical Rehabilitation  
 Clinical Researcher  info 
 Clinical Risk  
 Clinical Science  info   free ISSUES 
 Clinical Trials  
 Clothing and Textiles Research Journal  
 CMAJ Open  info   free SITE 
 Cold Spring Harbor Molecular Case Studies  info   free SITE 
 Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology  info   free ISSUES 
 Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine  info   free ISSUES 
 Cold Spring Harbor Protocols  info 
 Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology  info 
 College & Research Libraries  info   free SITE 
 College & Research Libraries News  info   free SITE 
 Common Knowledge  info 
 Common Law World Review  
 Communication & Sport  
 Communication and the Public  info 
 Communication Disorders Quarterly  
 Communication Research  
 Community College Review  
 Community Development Journal  info 
 Comparative Literature  info 
 Comparative Political Studies  
 Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East  info 
 Compensation & Benefits Review  
 Competition & Change  
 Comprehensive Psychology    free SITE 
 The Computer Journal  
 Concepts and Models of Dolomitization  
 Concurrent Engineering  
 Conflict Management and Peace Science  
 Conservation Physiology    free SITE 
 Contemporary Drug Problems  
 Contemporary Education Dialogue  
 Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood  
 Contemporary Literature  info 
 Contemporary Review of the Middle East  
 Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews  
 Contemporary Voice of Dalit  soon 
 Contemporary Women's Writing  info 
 Continental Trace Fossils  
 Continuing Education in Anaesthesia, Critical Care & Pain  info   free ISSUES 
 Contributions to Indian Sociology  
 Contributions to Political Economy  info 
 Controls on Carbonate Platforms and Basin Development  
 Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies  
 Cool-Water Carbonates  
 Cooperation and Conflict  
 Cornell Hospitality Quarterly  
 Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation  
 The Counseling Psychologist  
 Cretaceous Rudists & Carbonate Platforms: Environmental Feedback  
 Crime & Delinquency  
 Crime, Media, Culture  
 Criminology and Criminal Justice  
 Criminal Justice and Behavior  
 Criminal Justice Policy Review  
 Criminal Justice Review  
 Critical Care Nurse  info   free ISSUES 
 Critical Research on Religion  
 Critical Reviews in Oral Biology & Medicine  
 Critical Social Policy  
 Critical Sociology  
 Critical Studies in Television: The International Journal of Television Studies  info 
 Critical Values  info 
 Critique of Anthropology  
 Cross-Bedding, Bedforms and Paleocurrents  
 Cross-Cultural Research  
 CSCA: California Studies in Classical Antiquity  
 Cultural Dynamics  
 cultural geographies  
 Cultural Politics an International Journal  info   free TRIAL 
 Cultural Sociology  
 Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies  
 Culture & Psychology  
 Current Directions in Psychological Science  
 Current Legal Problems  
 Current Sociology  
 Current Zoology  info 
 Currents in Biblical Research  
 Cyclostratigraphy: Approaches and Case Histories  
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 Database    free SITE 
 Deep Water Clastic Sediments  
 Deep-water Carbonate Environments  
 Deep-Water Carbonates  
 Deep-Water Reservoirs of the World: 20th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 Deltaic Sedimentation, Modern and Ancient  
 Demo Journal of Physical Therapy  
 Demo Journal of Physical Therapy News  
 Departures in Critical Qualitative Research  info 
 Deposition of Organic-Carbon-Rich Sediments: Models  
 Depositional and Diagenetic Spectra of Evaporites  
 Depositional Environments as Interpreted from Primary Sedimentary and Stratigraphic Sequences  
 Depositional Environments in Carbonate Rocks  
 Depositional Modeling of Detrital Rocks  
 Developing Models and Analogs for Isolated Carbonate Platforms-Holocene and Pleistocene Carbonates of Caicos Platform, British West Indies  
 Development  info   free ISSUES 
 Devonian Early-Mississippian Carbonates of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin  
 Diabetes  info   free ISSUES 
 Diabetes and Vascular Disease Research    free SITE 
 Diabetes Care  info   free ISSUES 
 The Diabetes Educator  
 Diabetes Spectrum  info   free ISSUES 
 Diagenesis and Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Cretaceous Rocks of the Rocky Mountains  
 Dialogues in Human Geography  
 differences  info 
 Digital Health    free SITE 
 Digital Scholarship in the Humanities  info 
 Diplomatic History  info 
 Discourse & Communication  
 Discourse & Society  
 Discourse Studies  
 Disease Models & Mechanisms  info   free SITE 
 DNA Research    free SITE 
 Dolomitization and Limestone Diagenesis  
 Dose-Response  info   free SITE 
 Drug Metabolism and Disposition  info   free ISSUES 
 Drug Science, Policy and Law    free SITE 
 DTB - Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin  info 
 Duke University Press Journals ONLINE  
 Dynamics and Statistics of the Climate System  info 
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 E-Learning and Digital Media  
 Early Music  info 
 East Asian Science, Technology and Society  info 
 East European Politics & Societies  
 Echo Research and Practice    free SITE 
 Ecological Restoration  info 
 Economic and Industrial Democracy  
 The Economic and Labour Relations Review  
 Economic Development Quarterly  
 Economic Geology  info 
 Economic Geology  (via GeoScienceWorld)  info 
 Economic Policy  info 
 ECS Electrochemistry Letters  info   free SITE 
 ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology  info   free SITE 
 ECS Meeting Abstracts  info   free SITE 
 ECS Solid State Letters  info   free SITE 
 ECS Transactions  info 
 Education and Urban Society  
 Education, Citizenship and Social Justice  
 Educational Administration Quarterly  
 Educational and Psychological Measurement  
 Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis  
 Educational Horizons  
 Educational Management Administration & Leadership  
 Educational Neuroscience    free SITE 
 Educational Policy  
 Educational Researcher  
 EFORT Open Reviews  info   free SITE 
 Eighteenth-Century Life  info 
 Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters  info 
 The Electrochemical Society Interface  info   free SITE 
 Electronic News  
 Elements  info 
 eLife  info   free SITE 
 ELT Journal  
 EMBO Molecular Medicine  info   free SITE 
 EMBO reports  info   free ISSUES 
 Emergency Medicine Journal  info   free ISSUES 
 Emerging Adulthood  
 Emerging Economy Studies  info 
 Emotion Review  
 Empirical Studies of the Arts  
 End of Life Care  
 End of Life Journal  info 
 Endocrine Connections  info   free SITE 
 Endocrine-Related Cancer  info   free ISSUES 
 Energy & Environment  
 Energy Exploration & Exploitation  info 
 eneuro  info   free SITE 
 Engineering in Medicine  
 English  info 
 The English Historical Review  info 
 Environment and Behavior  
 Environment and Planning A  
 Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design  
 Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy  
 Environment and Planning D: Society and Space  
 Environment and Urbanization    free ISSUES 
 Environment and Urbanization Asia  
 Environmental & Engineering Geoscience  info 
 Environmental Entomology  info 
 Environmental Epigenetics  info   free SITE 
 Environmental Geosciences  info 
 Environmental History  info 
 Environmental History Review  info 
 Environmental Humanities  info   free SITE 
 Environmental Law Review  
 Epidemiologic Reviews  info   free ISSUES 
 Ergonomics in Design: The Quarterly of Human Factors Applications  
 ERJ Open Research  info   free SITE 
 ESHRE Monographs  info 
 ESMO Open    free SITE 
 Essays In Biochemistry  info   free ISSUES 
 Essays in Criticism  info 
 Ethnohistory  info 
 Eukaryotic Cell  info   free SITE 
 EULAR Meeting Abstracts    free SITE 
 Europace  info   free ISSUES 
 European Educational Research Journal  
 European Fossil Reef Models  
 European Heart Journal  info   free ISSUES 
 European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging    free ISSUES 
 European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy  info   free TRIAL 
 European Heart Journal - Quality of Care and Clinical Outcomes  info   free TRIAL 
 European Heart Journal Supplements  info   free ISSUES 
 European Heart Journal: Acute Cardiovascular Care  
 European History Quarterly  
 European Journal of Archaeology  
 European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery    free TRIAL 
 European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing  
 European Journal of Communication  
 European Journal of Criminology  
 European Journal of Cultural Studies  
 European Journal of Endocrinology  info   free ISSUES 
 European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy  info 
 European Journal of Industrial Relations  
 European Journal of Inflammation  info 
 European Journal of International Law  info   free ISSUES 
 European Journal of International Relations  
 European Journal of Mineralogy  info 
 The European Journal of Orthodontics  info   free ISSUES 
 European Journal of Political Theory  
 European Journal of Preventive Cardiology  
 European Journal of Probation  
 The European Journal of Public Health  info   free ISSUES 
 European Journal of Social Theory  
 European Journal of Women's Studies  
 European Physical Education Review  
 European Respiratory Journal  info   free ISSUES 
 ERS Monograph  info 
 European Respiratory Review  info   free SITE 
 European Respiratory Society Journals  
 European Review of Agricultural Economics  info 
 European Review of Economic History  info 
 European Sociological Review  info 
 European Stroke Journal  info 
 European Union Politics  
 European Urban and Regional Studies  
 Evaluation & the Health Professions  
 Evaluation Review  
 Evidence-Based Medicine  info   free ISSUES 
 Evidence-Based Mental Health  info   free ISSUES 
 Evidence-Based Nursing  info   free ISSUES 
 Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health  info   free SITE 
 Evolutionary Psychology    free SITE 
 Exceptional Children  
 Experimental Biology and Medicine  
 Exploration and Mining Geology  info 
 The Expository Times  
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 Family Business Review  
 The Family Journal  
 Family Practice  info   free ISSUES 
 The FASEB Journal  info   free ISSUES 
 Federal Sentencing Reporter  info 
 Feminism & Psychology  
 Feminist Criminology  
 Feminist Media Histories  info 
 Feminist Theology  
 Feminist Theory  
 FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology  info 
 FEMS Microbiology Ecology    free ISSUES 
 FEMS Microbiology Immunology  info 
 FEMS Microbiology Letters    free ISSUES 
 FEMS Microbiology Reviews    free ISSUES 
 FEMS Yeast Research    free ISSUES 
 FES: Far Eastern Survey  
 Field Guides  info 
 Field Methods  
 Film Quarterly  info 
 Finding Ancient Shorelines  
 Fine-Grained Turbidite Systems  
 First Language  
 Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities  
 Food and Nutrition Bulletin    free ISSUES 
 Food Science and Technology International  
 Foot & Ankle International  
 Foot & Ankle Specialist  
 Foraminiferal Ecology and Paleoecology  
 Foreign Policy Analysis  info 
 Foreign Trade Review  
 Forest & Conservation History  info 
 Forestry  info   free ISSUES 
 Forum for Modern Language Studies  info 
 Forum Italicum: A Journal of Italian Studies  
 French Cultural Studies  
 French Historical Studies  info 
 French History  info 
 French Studies  info 
 French Studies Bulletin  
 From Shoreline to Abyss: Contributions to Marine Geology in Honor of Francis Parker Shepard  
 Frontline Gastroenterology  info 
 Future Hospital Journal  info   free ISSUES 
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 Games and Culture  
 Gastroenterology Report  info   free SITE 
 Gastronomica: The Journal of Critical Food Studies  info 
 GCSSEPM Foundation Annual Bob F. Perkins Research Conference Proceedings  
 Gender & Society  
 Gender, Technology and Development  
 General Music Today  
 Genes & Cancer    free ISSUES 
 Genes & Development  info   free ISSUES 
 Genetics  info   free ISSUES 
 Genome Announcements  info   free SITE 
 Genome Biology and Evolution    free SITE 
 Genome Research  info   free ISSUES 
 Genre  info 
 Geochemical Perspectives  info 
 Geochemistry of Organic Matter in Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks  
 Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis  info 
 Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis  (via GeoScienceWorld)  info 
 Geochronology, Time Scales, and Global Stratigraphic Correlation  
 Geologic Framework of the Capitan Reef  
 Geologic Log Interpretation  
 Geological Magazine  info 
 Geological Society of America Bulletin  info 
 Geological Society of America Memoirs  info 
 Geological Society of America publications  
 Geological Society of America Special Papers  info 
 Geological Society, London, Engineering Geology Special Publications  info 
 Geological Society, London, Memoirs  info 
 Geological Society, London, Petroleum Geology Conference series  info 
 Geological Society, London, Special Publications  info 
 Geology  (via GeoScienceWorld)  info 
 Geology  info 
 Geology of Continental Slopes  
 Geophysical Journal International  info   free ISSUES 
 Geophysical Supplements to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society    free SITE 
 Geophysics  info 
 Geosphere  info 
 Geosphere  (via GeoScienceWorld)  info 
 Geriatric Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation  
 German History  info 
 German Journal of Human Resource Management: Zeitschrift für Personalforschung  info   free TRIAL 
 The Gerontologist    free ISSUES 
 Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine    free SITE 
 Giant Oil and Gas Fields-Volume 1  
 Giant Oil and Gas Fields-Volume 2  
 Gifted Child Quarterly  
 Gifted Child Today  
 Gifted Education International  
 Glacial Sedimentary Environments  
 Glaciofluvial and Glaciolacustrine Sedimentation  
 Global Business Review  
 Global Health Promotion  
 Global Health: Science and Practice  info   free SITE 
 Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies  
 Global Media and China  soon 
 Global Media and Communication  
 Global Pediatric Health    free SITE 
 Global Qualitative Nursing Research    free SITE 
 Global Social Policy  
 Global Studies of Childhood  
 Global Summitry  info 
 GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies  info 
 Glycobiology  info   free ISSUES 
 Graphic Correlation  
 Group & Organization Management  
 Group Analysis  
 Group Processes & Intergroup Relations  
 GSA Bulletin  (via GeoScienceWorld)  info 
 GSA Journals  
 GSL Journals  
 Guide to Physical Therapist Practice  info 
 Gut  info   free ISSUES 
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 Hand Therapy  
 Handbook of Practice Management  
 Health & Social Work  info 
 Health Affairs  info   free ISSUES 
 Health Education & Behavior  
 Health Education Journal  
 Health Education Research  info   free ISSUES 
 Health Informatics Journal  
 Health Information Management Journal  info   free TRIAL 
 Health Policy and Planning  info   free ISSUES 
 Health Promotion International  info   free ISSUES 
 Health Promotion Practice  
 Health Psychology Open    free SITE 
 Health Services Management Research  
 Health Services Research and Managerial Epidemiology    free SITE 
 Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine  
 Healthcare Management Forum  
 Heart  info 
 Heart Asia  info 
 Hematology ASH Education Program  info   free ISSUES 
 HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal  
 High Performance Polymers  
 Higher Education for the Future  
 Hispanic American Historical Review  info 
 Hispanic Health Care International  info   free TRIAL 
 Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences  
 Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences  info 
 History and Sociology of South Asia  
 History of Political Economy  info 
 History of Psychiatry  
 History of Science  
 History of the Human Sciences  
 History Workshop Journal  info 
 Holocaust and Genocide Studies  info 
 The Holocene  
 Home Health Care Management & Practice  
 Homicide Studies  
 HortScience  info   free ISSUES 
 HortTechnology  info   free ISSUES 
 Hospital Pediatrics  info   free ISSUES 
 How To Assess Maturation and Paleotemperatures  
 Human & Experimental Toxicology  
 Human Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society  
 Human Molecular Genetics  info   free ISSUES 
 Human Relations  
 Human Reproduction  info   free ISSUES 
 Human Reproduction Update  info   free ISSUES 
 Human Resource Development Review  
 Human Rights Law Review  
 Humanity & Society  
 Hydrocarbon Reservoir Characterization  
 Hydrology Research  
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 Hypertension Meeting Abstracts  
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 i-Perception    free SITE 
 ICES Journal of Marine Science    free ISSUES 
 Ichnology -- Trace Fossils in Sedimentology  
 ICSID Review  info 
 ICU Director  
 IFLA Journal  
 IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review  
 ILAR Journal  info   free ISSUES 
 Illness, Crisis & Loss  
 ILR Review  
 IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics  info 
 IMA Journal of Management Mathematics  info 
 IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information  info 
 IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis  info 
 Imagination, Cognition and Personality  
 Improving Schools  
 In Practice  info 
 In Vivo  info   free ISSUES 
 Incised Valleys in Time and Space  
 Incised-Valley Systems: Origin and Sedimentary Sequences  
 Index on Censorship  
 India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs  
 Indian Economic & Social History Review  
 Indian Historical Review  
 Indian Journal of Corporate Governance  
 Indian Journal of Gender Studies  
 Indian Journal of Human Development  soon 
 Indoor and Built Environment  
 Industrial and Corporate Change  info 
 Industrial Law Journal  info 
 Industry and Higher Education  soon 
 Infection and Immunity  info   free ISSUES 
 Information and Inference  info 
 Information Development  
 Information Visualization  
 Injury Prevention  info   free ISSUES 
 Innate Immunity  
 InnovAiT: Education and inspiration for general practice  
 INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing    free SITE 
 Insight on Africa  
 Integrative and Comparative Biology  info   free ISSUES 
 Integrative Cancer Therapies    free TRIAL 
 Interacting with Computers  info 
 Interactive CardioVascular and Thoracic Surgery    free SITE 
 Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment  
 Interface Focus  info   free ISSUES 
 International Area Studies Review  
 International Bulletin of Mission Research    free TRIAL 
 International Communication Gazette  
 International Criminal Justice Review  
 International Data Privacy Law  info 
 International Ecostations  soon   free SITE 
 International Health  info 
 International Immunology  info   free ISSUES 
 International Immunology Meeting Abstracts    free ISSUES 
 International Journal for Quality in Health Care  info   free ISSUES 
 International Journal of Adolescent Medicine  soon 
 International Journal of Aeroacoustics  info 
 International Journal of Architectural Computing  info 
 International Journal of Behavioral Development  
 International Journal of Bilingualism  
 International Journal of Business Communication  
 International Journal of Care Coordination  
 International Journal of Christianity & Education  
 International Journal of Comparative Sociology  
 International Journal of Constitutional Law  info   free ISSUES 
 International Journal of Cross Cultural Management  
 International Journal of Cultural Studies  
 International Journal of Damage Mechanics  
 International Journal of Discrimination and the Law  
 International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks  soon 
 International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education  
 International Journal of Engine Research  
 International Journal of Epidemiology  info   free ISSUES 
 International Journal of Green Nanotechnology    free SITE 
 International Journal of Health Services  soon 
 International Journal of Health Services  
 International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era  info 
 International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications  
 International Journal of Immunopathology and Pharmacology  
 International Journal of Law and Information Technology  info 
 International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family  info 
 International Journal of Lexicography  info 
 International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies    free SITE 
 The International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds  
 International Journal of Maritime History  
 International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education  
 International Journal of Micro Air Vehicles  info   free SITE 
 International Journal of Music Education  
 International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology  info   free SITE 
 International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology  
 International Journal of Police Science & Management  
 The International Journal of Press/Politics  
 International Journal of Protective Structures  info 
 International Journal of Public Opinion Research  info 
 International Journal of Qualitative Methods  
 International Journal of Refugee Law  
 The International Journal of Robotics Research  
 International Journal of Rural Management  
 International Journal of Social Psychiatry  
 International Journal of Space Structures  info 
 International journal of Sports Science & Coaching  info 
 International Journal of Spray and Combustion Dynamics  info   free SITE 
 International Journal of STD & AIDS  
 International Journal of Stroke  info 
 International Journal of Surgical Pathology  
 International Journal of Toxicology  
 International Journal of Transitional Justice  
 International Journal: Canada's Journal of Global Policy Analysis  
 International Mathematics Research Notices  info 
 International Mathematics Research Papers  info 
 International Mathematics Research Surveys  info 
 International Political Science Abstracts  
 International Political Science Review  
 International Political Sociology  info 
 International Quarterly of Community Health Education  
 International Regional Science Review  
 International Relations  
 International Relations of the Asia-Pacific  info 
 International Review for the Sociology of Sport  
 International Review of Administrative Sciences  
 International Review of Qualitative Research  info 
 International Review of Victimology  
 International Small Business Journal  
 International Social Work  
 International Sociology  
 International Studies  
 International Studies Perspectives  info 
 International Studies Quarterly  info 
 International Studies Review  info 
 Interpretation  info 
 Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology  
 Intervention in School and Clinic  
 Interventional Neuroradiology  info 
 Introduction to Environmental Hydrogeology  
 Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science  info   free ISSUES 
 Irish Economic and Social History  info 
 Irish Journal of Sociology  info 
 Irish Theological Quarterly  
 Isolated Shallow Marine Sand Bodies: Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis and Sedimentologic Interpretation  
 Italian Journal of Geosciences  
 IWA Publishing Admin Center  
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 Jadavpur Journal of International Relations  soon 
 jadvertres admin center  
 Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology  info   free ISSUES 
 JBJS Case Connector  info 
 JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques  
 JBJS Reviews  info 
 JDR Clinical & Translational Research  
 Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies  info 
 Jindal Journal of Business Research  
 JNCI Journal of the National Cancer Institute  info   free ISSUES 
 JNCI Monographs  
 Journal for the Education of the Gifted  
 Journal for the History of Astronomy  
 Journal for the Study of the New Testament  
 Journal for the Study of the Old Testament  
 Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha  
 Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance  
 Journal of Adolescent Research  
 Journal of Adult and Continuing Education  info 
 Journal of Advanced Academics  
 Journal of Advertising Research  info 
 Journal of African Economies  info 
 Journal of Aging and Health  
 Journal of Algorithms & Computational Technology  info   free SITE 
 Journal of American History  
 Journal of Analytical Toxicology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Antitrust Enforcement  info 
 The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science  
 Journal of Applied Fire Science  soon 
 Journal of Applied Gerontology  
 Journal of Applied Physiology  info   free ISSUES 
 The Journal of Applied Poultry Research  info   free ISSUES 
 The Journal of Applied Poultry Research  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Applied Social Science  
 Journal of Asian and African Studies  
 Journal of Asian Security and International Affairs  
 Journal of Asthma & Allergy Educators  
 Journal of Attention Disorders  
 Journal of Bacteriology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers  
 Journal of Biochemistry  info 
 Journal of Biological Chemistry  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Biological Rhythms  
 Journal of Biomaterials Applications  
 Journal of Biomolecular Screening  
 Journal of Black Psychology  
 Journal of Black Studies  
 Journal of Building Physics  
 Journal of Business and Technical Communication  
 Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics  
 Journal of Career Assessment  
 Journal of Career Development  
 Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership  
 The Journal of Cell Biology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Cell Science  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Cellular Plastics  
 Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Child Health Care  
 Journal of Child Neurology  
 Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture  info 
 Journal of Chromatographic Science  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Church and State  info 
 Journal of Classical Sociology  
 Journal of Clinical Microbiology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Clinical Oncology  info 
 Journal of Clinical Pathology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Clinical Urology  
 Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making  
 Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice  
 The Journal of Commonwealth Literature  
 Journal of Communication Inquiry  
 Journal of Competition Law and Economics  info 
 Journal of Complex Networks  info 
 Journal of Composite Materials  
 Journal of Concussion  soon 
 Journal of Conflict and Security Law  
 Journal of Conflict Resolution  
 Journal of Connectivity: Exploring the Internet of Things  soon 
 Journal of Consumer Culture  
 Journal of Consumer Research  info 
 Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice  
 Journal of Contemporary Ethnography  
 Journal of Contemporary History  
 Journal of Correctional Health Care  
 Journal of Creating Value  info 
 Journal of Creative Communications  
 Journal of Crohn's and Colitis  info 
 Journal of Crohn's and Colitis Supplements  info 
 Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology  
 Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery  
 Journal of Cybersecurity  info   free SITE 
 Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education  info   free ISSUES 
 The Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation: Applications, Methodology, Technology  
 Journal of Dental Education  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Dental Hygiene  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Dental Research  
 Journal of Design History  
 Journal of Developing Societies  
 Journal of Development Policy and Practice  info 
 Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology  
 Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography  
 Journal of Disability Policy Studies  
 Journal of Drug Education  
 Journal of Drug Issues  
 The Journal of Early Adolescence  
 Journal of Early Childhood Literacy  
 Journal of Early Childhood Research  
 Journal of Early Intervention  
 Journal of Economic Entomology  info 
 Journal of Economic Geography  info 
 Journal of Education for Sustainable Development  
 Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics  
 Journal of Educational Computing Research  
 Journal of Educational Technology Systems  
 Journal of Elastomers and Plastics  
 Journal of Emerging Market Finance  
 Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders  
 Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics  
 Journal of Endocrinology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Endovascular Therapy  
 Journal of English Linguistics  
 Journal of Entrepreneurship  
 Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies  
 The Journal of Environment & Development  
 Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics  info 
 Journal of Environmental Law  info 
 Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of European Competition Law & Practice  info 
 Journal of European Social Policy  
 Journal of European Studies  
 Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine  
 Journal of Experiential Education  
 The Journal of Experimental Biology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Experimental Botany  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Experimental Medicine  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Family History  
 Journal of Family Issues  
 Journal of Family Nursing  
 Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care  info 
 Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery  
 Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Open Reports  info   free SITE 
 Journal of Financial Econometrics  info 
 Journal of Financial Regulation  info   free TRIAL 
 Journal of Fire Protection Engineering  
 Journal of Fire Sciences  
 The Journal of Foraminiferal Research  info 
 The Journal of General Physiology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Generic Medicines: The Business Journal for the Generic Medicines Sector  
 Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology  
 Journal of Gerontology  
 Journal of Global Oncology  info   free SITE 
 Journal of Global Security Studies  info 
 Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume)  
 Journal of Health and Social Behavior  
 Journal of Health Management  
 Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law  info 
 Journal of Health Psychology  
 Journal of Health Services Research & Policy  
 Journal of Heredity  info   free ISSUES 
 The Journal of Hindu Studies  
 Journal of Hip Preservation Surgery  info   free SITE 
 Journal of Hispanic Higher Education  
 Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry    free ISSUES 
 Journal of Historical Research in Music Education  info 
 Journal of Holistic Nursing  
 Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research  
 Journal of Human Lactation  
 Journal of Human Resources  info 
 Journal of Human Rights Practice  
 Journal of Human Values  
 Journal of Humanistic Psychology  
 Journal of Hydroinformatics  
 The Journal of Immunology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Inborn Errors of Metabolism & Screening    free SITE 
 Journal of Industrial Relations  
 Journal of Industrial Textiles  
 Journal of Infection Prevention  
 Journal of Infectious Diseases    free ISSUES 
 Journal of Information Science  
 Journal of Infrastructure Development  
 Journal of Insect Science  info   free SITE 
 Journal of Integrable Systems  info   free SITE 
 Journal of Integrated Pest Management  info   free SITE 
 Journal of Intellectual Disabilities  
 Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice  info 
 Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures  
 Journal of Intensive Care Medicine  
 Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics  
 Journal of International Criminal Justice  info 
 Journal of International Dispute Settlement  info 
 Journal of International Economic Law  info 
 Journal of International Life Sciences Research  soon 
 Journal of International Medical Research    free SITE 
 Journal of International Political Theory  
 Journal of Interpersonal Violence  
 Journal of Investigative Medicine  info 
 Journal of Investigative Medicine High Impact Case Reports    free SITE 
 Journal of ISAKOS: Joint Disorders & Orthopaedic Sports Medicine  
 Journal of Islamic Studies  
 Journal of Laboratory Automation    free ISSUES 
 Journal of Land and Rural Studies  
 Journal of Language and Social Psychology  
 Journal of Language Evolution  info   free TRIAL 
 Journal of Law and the Biosciences  info   free SITE 
 Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization  info 
 Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies  
 Journal of Learning Disabilities  
 Journal of Legal Analysis  info   free SITE 
 Journal of Leukocyte Biology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Librarianship and Information Science  
 The Journal of Lipid Research  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Literacy Research    free ISSUES 
 Journal of Logic and Computation  
 Journal of Low Frequency Noise, Vibration and Active Control  info 
 Journal of Macromarketing  
 Journal of Mammalogy  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Management  
 SAGE Journals  
 Journal of Management Education  
 Journal of Management Inquiry  
 Journal of Marketing Education  
 Journal of Material Culture  
 Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science  
 Journal of Medical and Veterinary Mycology  info 
 Journal of Medical Biography  
 Journal of Medical Entomology  info 
 Journal of Medical Ethics  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Medical Genetics  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Medical Marketing: Device, Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical Marketing  
 Journal of Medical Screening    free ISSUES 
 Journal of Medicine and Philosophy  info 
 Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies  info 
 Journal of Micropalaeontology  info 
 Journal of Micropalaeontology  (via GeoScienceWorld)  info 
 Journal of Middle East Women's Studies  info 
 Journal of Mixed Methods Research  
 Journal of Molecular Cell Biology    free ISSUES 
 Journal of Molecular Endocrinology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Molluscan Studies  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Music Teacher Education  
 Journal of Music Theory  info 
 Journal of Music Therapy  
 Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery  info 
 Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Neurophysiology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Neuroscience  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology  info   free ISSUES 
 The Journal of Nutrition  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice  
 Journal of Oncology Practice  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Paleontology  info 
 Journal of Paleontology Index  
 Journal of Palestine Studies  info 
 Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition  
 Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling: Advancing theory and professional practice through scholarly and reflective publications  
 Journal of Patient Experience  soon   free SITE 
 Journal of Peace Research  
 Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing  
 Journal of Pediatric Psychology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Petrology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Pharmacy Practice  
 Journal of Pharmacy Technology  
 Journal of Plankton Research  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Planning Education and Research  
 Journal of Planning History  
 Journal of Planning Literature  
 Journal of Plant Ecology    free ISSUES 
 Journal of Plastic Film and Sheeting  
 Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions  
 Journal of Primary Care & Community Health  
 Journal of Professions and Organization  info   free TRIAL 
 Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment  
 Journal of Psychopharmacology  
 Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory  info 
 Journal of Public Health  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Radiation Research  info   free SITE 
 Journal of Refugee Studies  
 Journal of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Engineering    free SITE 
 Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites  
 Journal of Reproductive Biotechnology and Fertility  info   free SITE 
 Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency  
 Journal of Research in International Education  
 Journal of Research in Music Education  
 Journal of Research in Nursing  
 Journal of Research on Leadership Education  
 The Journal of Rheumatology Supplement  
 The Journal of Rheumatology  info 
 Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials  
 The Journal of School Nursing  
 Journal of Sedimentary Petrology Index  
 Journal of Sedimentary Research  info 
 Journal of Sedimentary Research  (via GeoScienceWorld)  info 
 Journal of Semantics  info 
 Journal of Semitic Studies  info 
 Journal of Service Research  
 Journal of Social and Personal Relationships  
 Journal of Social Archaeology  
 Journal of Social History  info   free TRIAL 
 Journal of Social Work  
 Journal of Sociology  
 Journal of Soil and Water Conservation  info 
 Journal of South Asian Development  
 The Journal of Special Education  
 Journal of Special Education Technology  info   free TRIAL 
 Journal of Sport & Social Issues  
 Journal of Sports Economics  
 Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation  info 
 Journal of Studies in International Education  
 Journal of Surgical Case Reports  info   free SITE 
 Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology  info 
 Journal of Teacher Education  
 Journal of Technical Writing and Communication  
 Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare  
 Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science  
 Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Online  info   free SITE 
 Journal of the American Academy of Religion  info 
 The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine  info   free SITE 
 JAHA: Journal of the American Heart Association  info   free SITE 
 Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association  info   free TRIAL 
 Journal of the American Musicological Society  info 
 Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association  
 Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association  
 Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of the American Society of Nephrology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of The Electrochemical Society  info 
 Journal of the Geological Society  (via GeoScienceWorld)  info 
 Journal of the Geological Society  info 
 Journal of the History of Collections  info 
 Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences  info 
 Journal of the ICRU  info 
 Journal of the Institution of Locomotive Engineers  
 Journal of the Intensive Care Society    free TRIAL 
 Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (JIAPAC)  
 Journal of the London Mathematical Society  
 Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network  info 
 Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System    free SITE 
 Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps  info 
 Journal of the Royal College of Physicians  
 Journal of The Royal Society Interface  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine  
 Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians  info 
 The Journal of Theological Studies  info 
 Journal of Theoretical Politics  
 Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials  
 Journal of Tissue Engineering    free SITE 
 Journal of Topology  
 Journal of Transcultural Nursing  
 Journal of Transformative Education  
 Journal of Travel Medicine  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Travel Research  
 Journal of Tropical Pediatrics  info 
 Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Urban Ecology  info   free SITE 
 Journal of Urban History  
 Journal of Vacation Marketing  
 Journal of Veterinary Dentistry  info   free TRIAL 
 Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation    free ISSUES 
 Journal of Vibration and Control  
 Journal of Vietnamese Studies  info 
 Journal of Virology  info   free ISSUES 
 Journal of Vision  info   free SITE 
 Journal of Visual Culture  
 Journal of Water and Climate Change  
 Journal of Water and Health  
 Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination  
 Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology - Aqua  
 Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development  
 Journal of Wide Bandgap Materials  
 The Journal of World Energy Law & Business  info 
 Journal Watch  
 Journal Watch Online CME  
 Journalism & Communication Monographs  
 Journalism & Mass Communication Educator  
 Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly  
 Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences    free ISSUES 
 The Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences    free ISSUES 
 Journals of Maney Publishing  
 Journals of The Royal College of Psychiatrists  
 Journals of the Society of Nuclear Medicine  
 Journals with the Federation of Animal Science Societies  
 JRSM Cardiovascular Disease    free SITE 
 JRSM Open    free SITE 
 Justice Research and Policy  
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 Labor Studies Journal  
 Labor Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas  info 
 Laboratory Animals    free ISSUES 
 Laboratory Medicine  info   free TRIAL 
 Lacustrine Reservoir and Depositional Systems  
 Land Economics  info 
 Landscape Journal  info 
 Language and Linguistics    free SITE 
 Language and Literature  
 Language and Speech  
 Language Teaching Research  
 Language Testing  
 Late Quaternary Stratigraphic Evolution of the Northern Gulf of Mexico  
 Latin American Perspectives  
 Law, Culture and the Humanities  
 Law, Probability and Risk  info   free ISSUES 
 The Leading Edge  info 
 Learning & Memory  info   free ISSUES 
 Learning Disability Quarterly  
 The Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook  
 The Library  info 
 Lighting Research and Technology  
 Limnology & Oceanography: Fluids & Environments  info 
 Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice  info 
 Literary and Linguistic Computing  
 Literary Imagination  info 
 Literature & History  info 
 Literature and Theology  info 
 Lithosphere  info 
 Lithosphere  (via GeoScienceWorld)  info 
 Local Economy  
 Logic Journal of IGPL  
 London Review of International Law  info 
 Luminescence Microscopy and Spectroscopy: Qualitative and Quantitative Applications  
 Lupus Science & Medicine  info   free SITE 
 Luso-Brazilian Review  info 
 Lyell Collection: Geological Society Publications Online  
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 Mammalian Species  info   free ISSUES 
 Management & Organizational History  
 Management and Labour Studies  
 Management Communication Quarterly  
 Management in Education  
 Management Learning  
 Management Teaching Review    free TRIAL 
 Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research  
 Marine Authigenesis: From Global to Microbial  
 Marine Evaporites  
 Marine Phosphorites  
 Marketing Theory  
 Mathematical Medicine and Biology  info 
 Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids  
 mBio  info   free SITE 
 MD Conference Express  info 
 MDM Policy & Practice  soon 
 Measurement and Control  
 Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development  
 Mechanics of Sediment Movement  
 Media International Australia  info 
 Media, Culture & Society  
 Media, War & Conflict  
 Medical Care Research and Review  
 Medical Decision Making  
 Medical Humanities  info   free ISSUES 
 Medical Law International  
 Medical Law Review  info 
 Medical Mycology    free ISSUES 
 Medicine, Science and the Law  
 Medico-Legal Journal  
 The Medieval History Journal  
 Mediterranean Quarterly  info 
 MELUS: Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States  info 
 Memory Studies  
 Men and Masculinities  
 Mershon International Studies Review  info 
 Mesozoic and Cenozoic Sequence Stratrigraphy of European Basins  
 Mesozoic and Early Cenozoic Development of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Region: A context for Hydrocarbon Exploration: 13th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 Metamorphosis  soon 
 Methodological Innovations  info 
 Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos  info 
 Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews  info   free ISSUES 
 Micropaleontologic Proxies for Sea-Level Change and Stratigraphic Discontinuities  
 Micropaleontology  info 
 Microscopy  info 
 Middle East Models of Jurassic/Cretaceous Carbonate System  
 Migration Studies  info 
 Milankovitch Sea-Level Changes Cycles and Reservoirs on Carbonate Platforms in Greenhouse and IceHouse Worlds  
 Millennial Asia  
 Millennium - Journal of International Studies  
 Mind  info 
 Mineralogical Magazine  info 
 the minnesota review  info 
 Miocene and Oligocene Petroleum Reservoirs of the Santa Maria and Santa Barbara-Ventura Basins Calfornia  
 Missiology: An International Review  
 Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Sequences  
 Mobile Media & Communication  
 Models and Stratigraphy of Mid-Cretaceous Reef Communities, Gulf of Mexico  
 Models for Carbonate Stratigraphy from Miocene Reef Complexes of Mediterranean Regions  
 Modern and Ancient Carbonate Eolianites: Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy, and Diagenesis  
 Modern and Ancient Deep-Sea Fan Sedimentation  
 Modern and Ancient Geosynclinal Sedimentation  
 Modern and Ancient Shelf Clastics  
 Modern China  
 Modern Judaism  info 
 Modern Language Quarterly  info 
 Molecular and Cellular Biology  info   free ISSUES 
 Molecular & Cellular Proteomics  info   free ISSUES 
 Molecular Biology and Evolution  info   free ISSUES 
 Molecular Biology of the Cell  info   free ISSUES 
 Molecular Cancer Research  info   free ISSUES 
 Molecular Cancer Therapeutics  info   free ISSUES 
 Molecular Human Reproduction  info   free ISSUES 
 Molecular Imaging  
 Molecular Pain  
 Molecular Pathology  info   free ISSUES 
 Molecular Pharmacology  info   free ISSUES 
 Molecular Systems Biology  info   free SITE 
 Monatshefte  info 
 The Monist  info 
 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society  info   free ISSUES 
 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters  info   free ISSUES 
 MSA Journals  
 MSGBI Journals  
 mSphere    free SITE 
 mSystems    free SITE 
 Multimedia Manual of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery  info   free SITE 
 Multiple Sclerosis Journal  
 Multiple Sclerosis Journal - Experimental, Translational and Clinical  info   free SITE 
 Music and Letters  info 
 Music Educators Journal  
 Music Perception: An Interdisciplinary Journal  info 
 Music Theory Spectrum  
 Music Therapy    free SITE 
 Music Therapy Perspectives  
 Musicae Scientiae  
 The Musical Quarterly  info 
 Mutagenesis  info   free ISSUES 
 Mycologia  info   free ISSUES 
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 NASN School Nurse  
 NASSP Bulletin  
 National Institute Economic Review  
 National Science Review  info   free TRIAL 
 Native Plants Journal  info   free ISSUES 
 NEJM Journal Watch  
 NeoReviews  info 
 Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation  info   free ISSUES 
 Neuro-Oncology  info   free ISSUES 
 Neuro-Oncology Practice    free ISSUES 
 Neurology  info 
 Neurology: Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation  info   free SITE 
 Neurology Online CME  
 Neurology: Genetics    free SITE 
 Neurology: Clinical Practice  info 
 The Neuroradiology Journal  info 
 Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair  
 Neuroscience of Consciousness  info   free SITE 
 The Neuroscientist  
 New Criminal Law Review: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal  info 
 New German Critique  info 
 New Labor Forum  
 New Media & Society  
 NEW SOLUTIONS: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy  
 New Understanding of the Petroleum Systems of Continental Margins of the World: 32nd Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 Newspaper Research Journal  info 
 Nicotine & Tobacco Research  info 
 Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film  info 
 Nineteenth-Century Literature  info 
 Nka Journal of Contemporary African Art  info 
 Noise & Vibration Worldwide  
 Nonlinear Dynamics and Fractals: New Numerical Techniques for Sedimentary Data  
 Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly  
 Nordic Journal of Nursing Research  
 North American Archaeologist  
 North Carolina Medical Journal  info   free SITE 
 Notes and Queries  info 
 Notes and Records: the Royal Society journal of the history of science  info   free ISSUES 
 Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions  info 
 NOVEL A Forum on Fiction  info 
 Nucleic Acids Research  info   free SITE 
 Nucleic Acids Symposium Series    free SITE 
 Numerical Experiments in Stratigraphy: Recent Advances in Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Computer Simulations  
 Nursing Ethics  
 Nursing Science Quarterly  
 Nutrition and Health  
 Nutrition in Clinical Practice  
 Nutrition Reviews  info   free TRIAL 
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 OAH Magazine of History  
 Obstetric Medicine  
 Occupational and Environmental Medicine  info   free ISSUES 
 Occupational Medicine  info   free ISSUES 
 OMEGA - Journal of Death and Dying  
 The Oncologist    free ISSUES 
 The Oncologist CME Online  
 Open Biology  info   free SITE 
 Open Forum Infectious Diseases    free SITE 
 Open Heart  info   free SITE 
 The Opera Quarterly  info 
 Oral History Review  info 
 Organization & Environment  
 Organization Studies  
 Organizational Psychology Review  
 Organizational Research Methods  
 Origin and Migration of Subsurface Sedimentary Brines  
 Origin, Diagenesis, and Petrophysics of Clay Minerals in Sandstone  
 Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine    free SITE 
 Orthopaedic Proceedings: A supplement to The Bone & Joint Journal  info   free SITE 
 OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health  
 Otolaryngology -- Head and Neck Surgery  
 Outlook on Agriculture  soon 
 Oxford Art Journal  info 
 Oxford Economic Papers  info 
 Oxford Journal of Law and Religion  info 
 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies  info 
 Oxford Medical Case Reports  info   free SITE 
 Oxford Review of Economic Policy  info 
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 Pacifica: Australasian Theological Studies  
 Pain Medicine  info   free ISSUES 
 PALAIOS  info 
 PALAIOS  (via GeoScienceWorld)  info 
 Paleobiology  info 
 Paleoclimates and Economic Geology  
 Paleogeographic Evolution and Non-Glacial Eustasy, northern South America  
 Paleogeographic Provinces and Provinciality  
 Paleokarst Related Hydrocarbon Reservoirs  
 Paleontological Society Journals  
 Paleozoic Carbonates of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS): Subsurface Reservoirs and Outcrop Analogs  
 Palliative Medicine  
 Palynology  info 
 Palynology in Oil Exploration  
 Parliamentary Affairs  info 
 Party Politics  
 Past & Present  info 
 Pathogens and Disease  info   free ISSUES 
 Pathology Patterns Reviews  info   free ISSUES 
 PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology  info 
 Pedagogy Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature Language Composition and Culture  info 
 Pedagogy in Health Promotion  
 Pediatrics  info   free ISSUES 
 Pediatrics in Review  info 
 Perceptual and Motor Skills    free TRIAL 
 Peritoneal Dialysis International  info   free ISSUES 
 Permo-Carboniferous Carbonate Platforms and Reefs  
 Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin  
 Personality and Social Psychology Review  
 Perspectives in Public Health  
 Perspectives in Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy  
 Perspectives on Psychological Science  
 Petroleum Geoscience  info 
 Petroleum Geoscience  (via GeoScienceWorld)  info 
 Petroleum Plays and Systems in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPRA)  
 Petroleum Systems of Deep-Water Basins: Global and Gulf of Mexico Experience: 21st Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 Petroleum Systems of Divergent Continental Margins: 25th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 Phanerozoic Reef Patterns  
 Pharmacological Reviews  info   free ISSUES 
 Phi Delta Kappan  
 Philosophia Mathematica  info 
 The Philosophical Quarterly  info 
 Philosophical Review  info 
 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences  info   free ISSUES 
 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences  info   free ISSUES 
 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London  info 
 Philosophy & Social Criticism  
 Philosophy of the Social Sciences  
 Phlebology: The Journal of Venous Disease  
 Physical Therapy  info   free ISSUES 
 Physician's First Watch  info   free SITE 
 Physiological Genomics  info   free ISSUES 
 Physiological Reports    free SITE 
 Physiological Reviews  info   free ISSUES 
 Physiological Society Umbrella  
 Physiology  info   free ISSUES 
 Planning Theory  
 Plant and Cell Physiology  info   free ISSUES 
 The Plant Cell  info   free ISSUES 
 Plant Online  
 Plant Physiology  info   free ISSUES 
 Platform Margin and Deep Water Carbonates  
 PLEURA    free SITE 
 PNAS  info   free ISSUES 
 Poetics Today  info 
 Polar Wandering and Continental Drift  
 Police Quarterly  
 Policing  info 
 Policy Futures in Education  
 Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
 Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice  
 Political Analysis  info 
 Political Insight  
 Political Research Quarterly  
 Political Science  
 Political Studies  info 
 Political Studies Review  info 
 Political Theory  
 Politics  info 
 Politics & Society  
 Politics, Philosophy & Economics  
 Portland Press Journals portal  
 positions: asia critique  info 
 Post Reproductive Health  
 Postgraduate Medical Journal  info   free ISSUES 
 Poultry Science  info   free ISSUES 
 Power and Education  
 Practical Neurology  info   free ISSUES 
 Primary Sedimentary Structures  
 Principles and Applications of Coal Petrology  
 The Prison Journal  
 Probation Journal  
 Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare    free SITE 
 Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society  info 
 Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Automobile Engineers  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Conference Proceedings  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A: Journal of Power and Energy  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part E: Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part F: Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part I: Journal of Systems and Control Engineering  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology  info 
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part K: Journal of Multi-body Dynamics  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part L: Journal of Materials: Design and Applications  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part M: Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part N: Journal of Nanomaterials, Nanoengineering and Nanosystems  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part O: Journal of Risk and Reliability  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part P: Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology  
 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers: Automobile Division  
 Proceedings of the International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care  
 Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society  
 Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences  info   free ISSUES 
 Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences  info   free ISSUES 
 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London  info 
 Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society  (via GeoScienceWorld)  info 
 Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society  info 
 The Professional Animal Scientist  info   free ISSUES 
 Progress in Development Studies  
 Progress in Human Geography  
 Progress in Physical Geography  
 Progress in Transplantation  info   free TRIAL 
 Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics  info   free SITE 
 Progress of Theoretical Physics  info   free SITE 
 Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement  info 
 Prosthetics and Orthotics International  
 Protein Engineering Design and Selection  info   free ISSUES 
 Proterozoic Geology of Western North America and Siberia  
 Psychological Reports    free TRIAL 
 Psychological Science  
 Psychological Science in the Public Interest  
 Psychology & Developing Societies  
 Psychology Learning & Teaching  
 Psychology of Music  
 Psychology of Women Quarterly  
 Public Culture  info 
 Public Finance Review  
 Public Health Ethics  
 Public Health Reports  soon 
 Public Opinion Quarterly  info 
 Public Personnel Management  
 Public Policy & Aging Report  info 
 Public Policy and Administration  
 Public Relations Inquiry  
 Public Understanding of Science  
 Public Works Management & Policy  
 Publication of the American Dialect Society  info 
 Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan  info   free ISSUES 
 Publius: The Journal of Federalism  info 
 Punishment & Society  
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 QJM  info   free ISSUES 
 Qualitative Health Research  
 Qualitative Inquiry  
 Qualitative Research  
 Qualitative Social Work  
 The Quarterly Journal of Economics  
 Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology  info 
 Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology & Hydrogeology  (via GeoScienceWorld)  info 
 The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics  info 
 The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics  info 
 Quaternary Coasts of the United States: Marine and Lacustrine Systems  
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 Race & Class  
 Race and Justice  
 Radiation Protection Dosimetry  info 
 Radical History Review  info 
 Radiologic Technology  info 
 Rare books and manuscripts librarianship  
 Rates of Geologic Process, Tectonics, Sedimentation, Eustasy, and Climate-Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration: 14th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 Rationality and Society  
 RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Cultural Heritage  info   free ISSUES 
 Recent Advances in Models of Siliciclastic Shallow-Marine Stratigraphy  
 Recent and Ancient Nonmarine Depositional Environments: Models for Exploration  
 Recent Developments in Fluvial Sedimentology  
 Recent Marine Sediments  
 Recherche et Applications en Marketing  
 Recherche et Applications en Marketing (English Edition)  
 Recognition of Ancient Sedimentary Environments  
 Recognition of Fluvial Depositional Systems and Their Resource Potential  
 Reefs in Time and Space  
 Refugee Survey Quarterly  
 Regenerative Biomaterials  info   free SITE 
 Regional Aspects of Carbonate Deposition  
 Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin  
 Relationship of Organic Matter and Mineral Diagenesis  
 Relative Role of Eustasy, Climate, and Tectonism in Continental Rocks  
 RELC Journal  
 Religion and American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation  info 
 Remedial and Special Education  
 Reports of Patent, Design and Trade Mark Cases  info   free ISSUES 
 Representations  info 
 Reproduction  info   free ISSUES 
 Reproductive Sciences  
 Research & Politics    free SITE 
 Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities  
 Research Ethics  
 Research Evaluation  
 Research in Comparative and International Education  
 Research in Education  info 
 Research on Aging  
 Research on Social Work Practice  
 Research Studies in Music Education  
 Reservoir Characterization: Integrating Technology and Business Practices: 26th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 Reservoir Quality Assessment and Prediction in Clastic Rocks  
 Reservoir Sedimentology  
 Respiratory Care  info   free ISSUES 
 Reuse/Recycle Newsletter  
 Review & Expositor  
 Review of Asset Pricing Studies  info 
 Review of Corporate Finance Studies  info 
 The Review of Economic Studies  
 Review of Educational Research  
 The Review of English Studies  info 
 Review of Environmental Economics and Policy  
 Review of Finance  
 Review of Financial Studies  info 
 Review of Market Integration  
 Review of Public Personnel Administration  
 Review of Radical Political Economics  
 Review of Research in Education  
 Reviews in Engineering Geology  info 
 Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry  info 
 Reviews of Human Factors and Ergonomics  
 Reviews of Reproduction  info   free SITE 
 Rhetorica: A Journal of the History of Rhetoric  info 
 Rheumatology  info   free ISSUES 
 Rheumatology Practice and Research  soon 
 River Deltas-Concepts, Models, and Examples  
 RMD Open  info   free SITE 
 RNA  info   free ISSUES 
 Rocky Mountain Carbonate Reservoirs  
 Rocky Mountain Geology  info 
 Roles of Organic Matter in Sediment Diagenesis  
 Royal Society Open Science  info   free SITE 
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 Sabouraudia  info 
 SAE International Journal of Aerospace  info 
 SAE International Journal of Alternative Powertrains  info 
 SAE International Journal of Commercial Vehicles  info 
 SAE International Journal of Engines  info 
 SAE International Journal of Fuels and Lubricants  info 
 SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing  info 
 SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars - Electronic and Electrical Systems  info 
 SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars - Mechanical Systems  info 
 SAE International Journal of Transportation Safety  info 
 SAGE Open    free SITE 
 SAGE Open Engineering  soon   free SITE 
 SAGE Open Medical Case Reports    free SITE 
 SAGE Open Medicine    free SITE 
 SAGE Open Nursing    free SITE 
 Salt Sediment Interactions and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity: Concepts, Applications, and Case Studies for the 21st Century: 24th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 Scandinavian Journal of Public Health  
 Scandinavian Journal of Surgery    free SITE 
 Scars, Burns & Healing  
 Schizophrenia Bulletin    free ISSUES 
 School Psychology International  
 Science  info 
 Science Advances  info   free SITE 
 Science and Public Policy  info 
 Science Communication  
 Science Signaling  info 
 Science Technology & Society  
 Science Translational Medicine  info 
 Science, Technology & Human Values  
 Scottish Journal of Geology  info 
 Scottish Journal of Geology  (via GeoScienceWorld)  info 
 Scottish Medical Journal  
 Sea-Level Changes - An Integrated Approach  
 Sea-Level Fluctuations and Coastal Evolution  
 Second Language Research  
 Security Dialogue  
 Sediment-Organism Interactions: Multifaceted Ichnology  
 Sedimentary Geology of Mars  
 Sedimentation in Continental Rifts  
 Sedimentation in the World Ocean  
 Sedimentation in Volcanic Settings  
 Sedimentology and Geochemistry of Dolostones  
 Sedimentology and Geochemistry of Modern and Ancient Saline Lakes  
 Seismic Imaging of Depositional and Geomorphic Systems: 30th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 Seismological Research Letters  info 
 Seismological Society of America Journals  
 Seminars in Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia  
 SEPM Concepts in Sedimentology and Paleontology  info 
 SEPM Core Workshop  info 
 SEPM Short Course Notes  info 
 SEPM Society for Sedimentary Research  
 Sequence Stratigraphic Models for Exploration and Production: Evolving Methodology, Emerging Models, and Application Histories: 22nd Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 Sequence Stratigraphy and Characterization of Carbonate Reservoirs  
 Sequence Stratigraphy as an Exploration Tool: Concepts and Practices in the Gulf Coast: 11th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment  
 Sexualization, Media, and Society    free SITE 
 Sexually Transmitted Infections  info   free ISSUES 
 Shelf Margin Deltas and Linked Down Slope Petroleum Systems: 23rd Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 Shelf Sands and Sandstone Reservoirs  
 Shoulder & Elbow  
 Silica in Sediments  
 Siliciclastic Diagenesis and Fluid Flow: Concepts and Applications  
 Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphy-Concepts and Applications  
 Siliciclastic Shelf Sediments  
 Simulation & Gaming  
 Small Axe: A Caribbean Journal of Criticism  info 
 Small Group Research  
 SMPTE Conferences  
 SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal  info 
 SMPTE Standards  
 Social & Legal Studies  
 Social Change  
 Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience    free ISSUES 
 Social Compass  
 Social Currents  
 Social Forces  info   free TRIAL 
 Social History of Medicine  info 
 Social Marketing Quarterly  
 Social Media + Society    free SITE 
 Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society  info 
 Social Problems  info 
 Social Psychological and Personality Science  
 Social Psychology Quarterly  
 Social Science Computer Review  
 Social Science Information  
 Social Science Japan Journal  info 
 Social Studies of Science  
 Social Text  info 
 Social Work  info 
 Social Work Research  info 
 Social Work Research and Abstracts  info 
 Society and Culture in South Asia  
 Society and Mental Health  
 Society for Endocrinology journals  
 Society of Nuclear Medicine Annual Meeting Abstracts    free SITE 
 Socio-Economic Review  info 
 Sociological Methodology  
 Sociological Methods & Research  
 Sociological Perspectives  
 Sociological Theory  
 Sociology of Development  info 
 Sociology of Education  
 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity  
 Sociology of Religion  
 Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World    free SITE 
 South African Journal of Geology  info 
 South African Journal of Psychology  
 South Asia Economic Journal  
 South Asia Research  
 South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases  
 South Asian Journal of Human Resources Management    free TRIAL 
 South Asian Journal of Macroeconomics and Public Finance  
 South Asian Survey  
 South Atlantic Quarterly  info 
 South East Asia Research  soon 
 Southern California Quarterly  info 
 Space and Culture  
 SEPM Special Publications  info 
 Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach  
 Stable Isotopes in Sedimentary Geology  
 State and Local Government Review  
 State Politics & Policy Quarterly  
 Statistical Methods in Medical Research  
 Statistical Modelling  
 Statute Law Review  info 
 Stem Cells Translational Medicine  info 
 Strategic Organization  
 Stratigraphic Analysis Utilizing Advanced Geophysical, Wireline, and Borehole Technology for Petroleum Exploration and Production: 17th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 Stratigraphic Evolution of Foreland Basins  
 Stratigraphy and Paleoenvironments of the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway, USA  
 Strike-Slip Deformation, Basin Formation, and Sedimentation  
 Stroke  info   free ISSUES 
 Stroke and Vascular Neurology    free SITE 
 Structural Health Monitoring  
 Structure and Sequence in Clastic Rocks  
 Studies in Christian Ethics  
 Studies in History  
 Studies in Indian Politics  
 Studies in Microeconomics  
 Studies in Paleo-Oceanography  
 Studies in People's History  
 Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses  
 Submarine Fans and Turbidite Systems: Sequence Stratigraphy, Reservoir Architecture, and Production Characteristics, Gulf of Mexico and International: 15th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference  
 SubStance  info 
 Subsurface and Outcrop Examination of the Capitan Shelf Margin, Northern Delaware Basin  
 Subsurface Geology of a Prograding Carbonate Platform Margin, Great Bahama Bank: Results of the Bahamas Drilling Project  
 Surgical Innovation  
 Synthetic Biology  soon 
 Systematic Biology  
 Systematics of Fluid Inclusions in Diagenetic Minerals  
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 Taxonomic Notes, Brady's Foram. Pls. Challenger Report  
 Teacher Education and Special Education: The Journal of the Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children  
 TEACHING Exceptional Children  
 Teaching Mathematics and its Applications  info 
 Teaching of Psychology  
 Teaching Public Administration  
 Teaching Sociology  
 Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment  
 Tectonic And Eustatic Controls on Sedimentary Cycles  
 Tectonics and Sedimentation  
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