Journal of Dental Education
(online with HighWire Press since 23 Jun 2004)

URL: http://www.jdentaled.org
Publisher: American Dental Education Association
Online ISSN: 1930-7837
Print ISSN: 0022-0337
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The American Dental Education Association is pleased to announce that the Journal of Dental Education will now be published online, in addition to being available in print.

A distinguished, peer-reviewed journal published monthly since 1936, the Journal of Dental Education (JDE) provides coverage of a wide variety of scientific and educational research in dental and allied dental education. Internationally recognized as the premier journal for academic dentistry, the JDE publishes articles on such topics as innovative testing methodologies, curriculum reform, faculty development, the impact on oral health research of recent findings in such areas as genetics and the brain, dental and allied dental admissions, professional and educational ethics, and systematic reviews of clinical trials regarding oral, dental, and craniofacial diseases and disorders. Edited and published by the American Dental Education Association (ADEA), the JDE is one of only a few scholarly journals that are publishing the most important work being done in dental and allied dental education and research today.

The journal features articles in the following sections: 1) Critical Issues in Dental Education; 2) Milieu in Dental Schools and Practice; 3) Educational Methodologies; 4) Evidence-Based Dentistry; 5) Faculty Development; 6) Transfer of Advances in Sciences into Dental Education; 7) International Perspectives on Dental Education; and 8) From the Students' Corner. It also includes letters to the editor, Association Reports (which are most often reports on surveys conducted by ADEA), occasional opinion pieces, and book and software reviews.

The Journal of Dental Education Online contains the full content of each issue of the journal, including all figures and tables, beginning with the June 2004 issue (Volume 68, Issue 6). The full text is searchable by keyword, and the cited references include hyperlinks to Medline and to the online full text of many other frequently cited journals. PDF files are available beginning with January 2004 (Volume 68, Issue 1), soon to include issues back to April 2001.

A free trial period for access to the JDE Online will be available until October 1, 2004. Subsequent to the free trial, access to the full text of articles will be available by institutional license or by individual subscription available to print subscribers or Association members. All other access (e.g., to Abstracts, eTOCs, searching, Instructions to Authors) will remain freely available.

ADEA is grateful to those whose generous support made possible the online version of the JDE: the Colgate-Palmolive Co., Fortress Insurance Co., GlaxoSmithKline, Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Co., Inc., Oral-B Laboratories, Procter & Gamble Co., Sunstar Butler Inc., Tom's of Maine, and the ADEA Council of Sections.


Dr. Olav Alvares, Editor,
Journal of Dental Education