Terms of Use

Notice about the Use and Re-use of Content Hosted by HighWire Press

HighWire Press hosts and displays electronic content on behalf of many publishers. All content is subject to the terms of use specified by its publisher and protected by U.S. copyright laws and international copyright agreements. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, content on HighWire's publishing platform, including content accessible without charge, cannot be copied, re-purposed, displayed on other websites, reprinted, redistributed, entered into a database, modified, used to create derivative works or otherwise re-used without the specific permission of its publisher.

Inquiries about the use of content from a single publisher should be directed to that publisher. Publisher contact information can be found on the HighWire portal: [FAQs by Publication]

General questions about HighWire Press and Fair use: [fair-use{at}highwire.stanford.edu].

HighWire‘s role in the publishing process

By choosing to host their sites on HighWire, society and other responsible publishers retain complete control over their content. HighWire doesn‘t dictate their business policies, nor hold copyright to any of the publishers‘ content.

The HighWire portal was developed to provide a uniform interface for disparate publication sites, both as a user–friendly launch pad for scholarly research, and as a way to manage institutional subscriptions. HighWire Press, Inc. neither owns nor sells the articles it hosts online. All subscription requests must be directed to the individual publishers, either directly, or through subscription agents.