The HighWire Press Site Has a New Look

September 2005:
After more than three years of operation, during which we monitored usage, read your feedback messages, and conducted usability research, we are launching a new, improved version of the HighWire Portal.

Here's a look at why we made changes and what we improved:


When we launched the HighWire Portal in 2002, we introduced a number of advanced browsing and searching features. We knew at the time that there would be some clutter and complexity with all the new "bells and whistles". We wanted to learn, through live experience, which features were most useful to our audiences. Then we began a process to take the most useful features and make them more useable.

Based on reader feedback and an extensive research study, we have refined the Portal's user interface.

What Changed?
  • Improved information layout
  • Less information per page
  • Improved "Quick Search"
  • Simpler "Advanced Search"
  • More intuitable search field arrangement
  • More examples
  • Clearer labeling of search tools
  • Ability to hide unneeded search tools
  • Clearer search results page
  • Easier search refinement
  • More visibility for alerts
Feedback Welcomed!

If you have comments or suggestions about our new look, please let us know. While no single design can satisfy all user needs, we will listen to you!

For readers who want more information about our research and the changes to the HighWire Portal, please see the detailed description of the HighWire site changes.